When is too early for Halloween? Answer: Never

While stores hurry the seasons along by pushing a new holiday before the last has even passed, Halloween is different. Especially for all you furparents who know to have the best, planning early is essential. Many of you are in parades, attend large parties, compete in competitions or just want the perfect piece to finish off you or your childs look.  The struggle to find the perfect thing for you furbaby to wear can become tiring. Stores sell one size fits most which never seem to stay on like the photo. I originally began making costumes because it was a dissapointment each year in the quality and fit of these ready to wear costumes. Just like adults who cosplay or absolutely love dressing for the holidays, you would never seem them in cheaply made attire. Your pet should be the same. Striving to make the most accurate, detailed pieces possibly within your set budget is the goal.  Over the years have had many requests and most are doable in one way or another. So the question remains, when is too early to start thinking about Halloween? As soon as you take off this years costume. 

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